Welcome home

The journey was long, and this time I didn’t have a sky bed. I shared a 4 person row with a guy, and we managed to sleep soundly by piling up our bags and covering them with the spare blankets to make extra bed space.

Customs, baggage claim, and finding my cousin in the pick-up area took what felt like weeks, but I was finally in the car on the way home. All I could think about was showering. I wanted a shower so bad I wanted to run straight past my cat and into the bathroom. But when I walked in the door, I was distracted from both.

While I was gone, my housemate Chloe had somehow gotten her paws onto a vintage Auto Chef oven, and had completely redecorated the corner of the kitchen that she knew I hated. She had turned it into our new tea area, arranged our pastel cups into a display, and stored all of our tea, coffee, and tea towels in it. In the background she had repurposed my mismatching floral bedsheets into layered curtains. It was so fabulous I absolutely died.

I gave my cat a big old stinky cuddle before standing under my non water saving shower head until I turned into a prune.

The window is open, blowing hot air into the living room. I’m sitting in my Brooklyn lingerie, drinking a cold beer, with my feet resting on our new hedgehog footstool; and I’m very happy to be home.


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