Baby I hear the blues are calling tossed salads and scrambled eggs

The next morning, the Spaulding’s came home with their Christmas tree, then we listened to Christmas carols all the way to Washington D.C. After looking around the museums, we headed towards where my bus would be leaving. Due to the confusing lack of signage in Washington we were very late and I had to be unceremoniously dumped mid-intersection as I screamed “LOVE YOU, JACKSON” and ran from the car clutching my bags and coats. I sat next to a cute boy who walked me to the subway.

Amanda’s apartment is perfectly New York. With a bed overlooking the street, living room facing a bottomless ventilation shaft, and a rooftop overlooking manhattan. Okay, gun to my head, if I HAD to choose a downside; it would be that there was no cat. I know, I’m finicky, but I’ve always imagined a cat wandering around my legs as I wander through a NYC apartment. I understand that I can’t have ALL my dreams answered.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve been doing my dream checks throughout this trip. It’s where you set an alarm to go off a few times a day, and every time it does you make sure the world around you is not part of a dream. This involves jumping, pinching, doing math, and looking at your reflection. Sometimes, if your’e lucky, right now IS a dream, and you get to fly or have sex or pretty much do whatever you want.

I opened the apartment door, there was silence. I put my things down, and a kitten galloped out of Amanda’s bedroom and up to my feet. On the first cold night of this stray kitten’s first winter, it had jumped into Amanda’s arms and demanded to be loved. They adopted her.

My dream alarm went off, and for the first time in a long time, I hoped to god this was real life.

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