The other Brunswick

I got home at 3am and my alarm went off at 6. I had to get a bus to Virginia for thanksgiving. They give away your ticket if you’re not there before 7.55. I pulled up at 7.55.

It was the best bus ride I’ve ever had, I actually didn’t want it to be over. The colours of the trees were amazing. Aside from blue, there was pretty much every colour in the spectrum. Some of them looked so pretty I was sure they were fake. There have been big winds down south, but the brightest leaves are still clinging to black branches. The view slowly turned to winter as I reached Washington D.C.

I got the train to Brunswick, Maryland. I was excited, because I live in Brunswick, Melbourne. I got off a few minutes before Claire arrived. The station was old and small. The arriving passengers quickly dissipated and I was left in the absolute quiet. It’s weird how quickly things turn quiet when you get out of the city. I walked around the station and imagined I was Anne waiting for Matthew.

The sun was setting as I arrived to Claire’s (enormous) house, and Jackson welcomed me with a cuddle. Without streetlights, the night sets quickly and the darkness is thicker. Being inside feels like being in the window of a christmas card.


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