A literal blind date

Sensory speed dating. They sit everyone in a room, stick a number on you, blindfold you, move you around, and then make you sniff, feed, and touch each other. If you like the other person, you touch your nose, and the matches are displayed at the end of the night. Doesn’t that sound awful? Wouldn’t you rather stay at home and watch Netflix? Yeah, me too, which is probably why I dared myself to do it. It was hosted by a scientist and a comedian, and it was at the end of the street where I was staying. If it was embarrassing, it’s not like I’d ever see those people again, right? I might not even see them at all.

“Don’t worry about those cameras, they’re just filming a documentary”. Oh well that’s a relief I was worried any embarrassing experience I had tonight would be immediately forgotten but no it’s good to know it’ll potentially be around for eternity.

Speaking of embarrassment, that was our first task. We’re blindfolded, moved, and told to tell an embarrassing story to the person opposite us. In a sexy voice. I just added vocal fry and I was not able to take the irony out. I told a story about going up the wrong way on an escalator. I took too long to tell it, and he had to rush his. “I got up on stage to play saxophone and did a really loud fart”. I touched my nose, he seemed cute.

Next task, I had to feed someone. It was actually kinda hot. I thought they were cherries, but it turns out they were cherry tomatoes on toothpicks, which is slightly less romantic.

Next is touch. She’s an Australian girl with a small head. It felt smaller than it looked.

Sight. I stared at a girl for 60 seconds in silence. They say this can make you fall in love, but interestingly, there were only four matches made from this round. Most people said it made them uncomfortable. It was pretty awful.

Smell. A girl. She smelt like blueberries.

Movement. You are stood up, paired, and told to dance. No talking, just dancing. This one was my favourite, we both went absolutely bananas. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun dancing. I think having to look at a person takes some of the fun out. People should blindfold dance more often. The host said that we were dancing the hardest.

Afterwards, we had drinks. Have you ever got so drunk you told a holocaust joke to a Jew? He didn’t laugh, but he smiled, and told me he’d like to show me the whispering gallery at Grand Central Station. I made three friends that night, but none of them were from my matches.


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