The sun will go on rising and setting

I stayed that night with Amanda, who had played at the White Lion with her band (including her Husband) circa 2010. She kindly told me I could stay with her on my first night, even though I gave her very little notice. We went for coffee (cawfee) in the morning, and after she left for work I stayed for the WiFi and went hunting for an AirBnB to stay in. I couldn’t find one, but the view was nice.


I decided to give up the hunt and go for a walk. I asked a stranger which direction they would walk in. I saw exactly what I wanted to see. Trash cans, Sesame Street road signs, fire escapes, stoops.

Needing an excuse to sit, I hailed a cab. I wanted to say something cool, like “24th on 3rd”, but I had no idea where anything was.

“The Empire State Building?”. God, I sound like such a tourist. At least I knew it was in Manhattan.

It was Veteran’s Day, and there was a parade on. It didn’t have much oomph to it, I think that had to do with Trump. I wandered in to the Empire State and asked about wait times, and they said there wouldn’t be any until sunset.


I took some photos, soaked it in, and then realised that it was almost sunset. If I wait, I’ll get to see NYC at night. So I did.



Watching the sunset over NYC on such a solemn day reminded me of Anne. I expected America to be angry, I expected the locals to detest my accent and want me to leave them alone in this time of trial. But the city is soft and caring, people smile at each other for no reason. People are being nice because now is not a time for anger. It’s as though everyone has called a truce. Mutual pain, fear, and apprehension doesn’t create hostility, it puts people on the same page. Without words, the person making your coffee is sad, you are sad, and because of that, you smile.

Trump is coming, whether we like it or not.

As Rachel Lynde used to say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in Geometry or not. I think I’d rather it didn’t go on if I failed.


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