Why don’t you just go now?

I was sitting at my kitchen table with my housemates, deliberating when I was going to go to NYC. They were politely listening to me talk myself in circles about my possible plans. I had just finished exams, and had planned to do my 2017 placement over there in January, and I was considering making that placement a holiday. But January will be so cold! If I waited til the semester break it would be summer. If I do that, could I go on a short holiday now? Where to? Everywhere cool will cost too much money, which I’d need to save for NYC.

I gave up, there’s no use, I’ll just have to wait another 6 months before I clear my head of this traumatising year.

“Why don’t you just go now?”

This sentence pierced the silence we were sitting in. At least, I think there was silence. It’s possible I just wasn’t listening.

Why don’t I just go now?

So, like a shitty youtube blogger, I jump-cut to the back of a cab in Brooklyn.



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