I’ve made a huge mistake

“Can you think of any reason why I might not want to go to America right now?”. My sister assured me; no, you’ve been talking about this for ages, just go now. I racked my brains and I couldn’t think of any events I might miss, any problems I might have, or any negative reason to head to the US in November. What could possibly go wrong?

“This will be such a fun time with the election going on!”, “Just in time for the post-election craziness!”. I know, I thought. Goodbye Obama, Hello Hilary, wasn’t Trump a maniac, let’s get drunk.

“Looks like Trump is doing really well, though”.

Trump won’t win, don’t worry, I told my housemate with confidence as I cleaned up my old suitcase.

“Trump is doing really well in the polls”

Haha, imagine that, I said to my pharmacist as he filled my prescriptions.

I sat down and opened my laptop to see how the election was going. Likelihood of Trump winning the election: 95%.

Wait. What?

I wasn’t even thinking about my trip. I was thinking about America in the way I always do, as if it’s all the way over there. After 15 minutes of letting this information sink in, I remembered what I had just done.

“Have I made a huge mistake?” I asked my sister.

“Probably. Yeah. Sorry”.


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